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May 19 / 2022

 Final Version 1.1 release!

Full 10 Levels Game  

For the AMIGA 500 512KB+512KB

EMOTIWORLD! Final Ver 1.1 

Update Version 1.2! 13/07/2022 Release!


                  19/MAY/2022   Ver 1.1

                   13/JUL/2022    Ver 1.2

               Amiten Games ©2022    

Game Design & Programming by Johnny Acevedo.



Emoticons iconarchive.com


©2021 ma2e / dsr Virtual disco chip

©1995 Frame emotional_extacy       

Musicians please contact me at amitenlabs@gmail.com if you dont want I use your music for this game.


Thanks  to:                         


UPDATE 26/05/2022


Amiga Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Update Oct 2022

Physical copy avaliable here thank you!



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EmotiworldV1.2.adf 880 kB


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Nice and funny game. *cuddle* 😘🤗 Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 05:47:50. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Hi!, thank you for featuring our game in your channel. Grettings.

Hi, I see you have used a tune done by me. Its ok to use it for free, though since you are earning money on this game, it would be nice If you consider not leaving me out of it. 


mA2E / dSr 

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Hello! , please to meet you mA2E / dsr I dont earning money mate, Game it´s FREE how you can see , people are free and voluntarily can make a donation if they want, normally some do it between 1 and 3 euros, if you want I can give you something for you to have a coffee, but if you think that I earn money with this, you are wrong, even so I can use another mod from https://modarchive.org/ there are thousands , if you dont want that i continue using your music as i wrote in the game page when I publish this game because modarchive dont mention where to contact the music artist , feel free to contactme at amitenlabs@gmail.com , have a great day. 

Ahh, my bad.. I didn't see it said free, and donate. Then ofcourse its No problem at all. 👍 Feel free to use more music from me. Just let me know. Its always fun to see my music used on games/demos/intros on all platforms.

My mail is stian-g@online.no btw. 

And about that Coffee, make it a beer and we have a deal on a demoparty sometime in the future. 😅



hehe , yes all my games are FREE!, all exept 1 (Rowan) , and I take your word I will contact you for Music for future Games I really like your Style! , thank you mA2E , hope one day we can have a beer toghether Sure! all the best. 

Big Thank you to Rafal Bujakowski for the Donation, Much Appreciated!

Big Thank you to Posta Sándor for the Donation, Much Appreciated!

Big Thank you to William Winters (Amiga bill) for the Donation, Much Appreciated!

Big Thank you to Maurizio Tirone for the Donation, Much Appreciated!

Big Thank you to Kristian Törnqvist for the Donation, Much Appreciated!

A Big Thank you to James Moran for the Donation , much Appreciated!

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Big Thank you to mark hayes for the donation! a pleasure.