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A Brand New OCS Amiga Game  in 2021!

 You'll need to collect lots of diamonds to complete the level, and if you're lucky enough to avoid the nasties, can collect extra bonuses such as stopping time or armor to help you along the way, happy play!




New features and  fixes.

* Fixed lives counter.

* Fixed  colour  to bat, vampire and wrong pixel to player 2.

* Added 2 New game speeds/difficulties : Easy Mode and Super Easy(Slow)  for kids. 

* Added TIME OVER .

* Added PDF manual in  English .

* Added PDF manual in  Español .


Our team thanks you for all the support received and wishes you a better experience now with the easy modes of our beloved Inca Man.



Stock Amiga 500  512kb+512kb

1 Player Mode

2 Players Option (Cooperative & Versus modes)

30 Levels!

Music & Sound Effects in Game


                                                                           C R E D I T S


Game Design: Johnny Acevedo.

Game Programming: Luis Fernandez.

Graphics: Johnny Acevedo.

Music: Zoltar.

Sound FX: Johnny Acevedo. 

Tile Set: Davit Masia. (Kronbits).

Enemies Sprites: Ansimuz, Kacper Wozniak, Elthen

Main Character Sprite: Davit Masia. (Kronbits).

Main Character Animation: Johnny Acevedo.

Box Cover Art Work: Roseta.

                                  Amiten Software (c)2021 All Rights Reserved.



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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Incaman_NewVersion.adf 880 kB
Incaman_Demo.adf 880 kB
INCAMAN_Manual_English.pdf 197 kB
INCAMAN_Manual_Espanol.pdf 221 kB


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I have no luck when running on Vampire 1200. Game closes immediately. Is it supposed to work?

Hello, is an Amiga 500 Game (OCS) , no idea if run or not on Vampire 1200 sorry , what we can tell you is we are  200% sure that our game works in Any "ORIGINAL AMIGA"  even the STOCK Amiga 1200.

OK, thanks. I guess though that there are not so many really original Amigas. Most of them have accelerators of any kind.

I will give it a try on my A500 with ACA500+.

(3 edits)

Game are tested on all 68k Acelerated Amigas 020,030,040,060. Game works fine in all .Thank you for support us, we appreciate it very much, happy play.

I can tell that when I boot without startup-sequence but have the Incaman disk in the drive and start the game by typing "incaman" on the prompt, it works.

However, also booting without startup-sequence but without the disk in drive but loading "incaman" from the hdd it doesn't work. The executable loads but after loading the cli prompt comes back and nothing happens.


I want 2 physical units please.

From Rayner

40 LEFT , Thank you Rayner1979.

I want also a physical unit. I will buy the download Version after my holiday. Greetings, Markus Steffan (Neo Hippie)

Ok , thank you Markus!

I'd also buy a physical unit, when available – thanks.

(1 edit)

ok thanks 43 left

Great games! Thank you.

I would like to buy a physical unit.

(1 edit)

ok thanks 44 left

I want physical unit, thanks

(1 edit)

ok thanks 45 left

i want a pysical unit if the box art is great :) game looks nice. keep up the good work! Amiga Forever!

(1 edit)

ok thanks 46 left

How much do you think a physical version would cost if in the UK? 

We are talking with a famous Amiga Magazine for the phisical units , let see what they can do. thanks for comment.

I want physical unit

Hello, Thank you! , 47 units left to go...

Bardzo fajna, przyjemna gra na Amige :)


I buy me an Amiga 500 this year, because of new games, which are coming to this system. So I want a physical unit! I'm so happy about it., Thank you. 


Hello! , ok 48 copy´s left for we can order a print run of physicall units , until this happens  (if happens) Digital version is what we have. Thank you.

I want physical unit" thank you!

49 Left! jaja , thanks tony , until this happen , digital it´s what we have, all the best.

You know me, I NEED A MASSIVE BIG.....

(1 edit)

Sure! the idea is Great Quality HardBox and best Price, let´s see if finally happens, thanks in advance Tony for you Digital Purchase! and your support,  have a happy Play!