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Sakai , Siglo XIII D.C. , en una noche oscura cuando la familia de Yoshi cenaban tranquilamente les ataco un malvado Vampiro que habÍa llegado a la isla en un barco desde china en busca de sangre nueva...

Brutalmente entro en la casa y acabo con la vida de toda la familia de Yoshi"," y lo convirtio en vampiro.

Yoshi era un aprendiz de Shinobi que vio como este vampiro truncaba su vida y la de sus familiares de una manera trajica, esté juro venganza al vampiro y se dispuso a encontrarlo y destruirlo a cualquier precio...

    Amiten Games (c)2019-2022 


Sakai, 13th century A.D. , on a dark night when Yoshi's family had a quiet dinner, they were attacked by an evil Vampire who had come to the island on a ship from China in search of new blood...

He brutally entered the house and killed Yoshi's entire family, "" and turned him into a vampire.

Yoshi was a Shinobi apprentice who saw how this vampire cut short his life and that of his relatives in a tragic way, he swore revenge to the vampire and set out to find and destroy him at any cost...

     Amiten Games (c)2011-2022


Game Design & Programming  Johnny Acevedo.

Graphics by Yann Massard & Johnny Acevedo.

Tileset by Ansimuz.itch.io

Music By Simone Bernachia (JMD).

Sfx By Johnny Acevedo.

Special Thanks to Luis Fernandes for the Coco Tile Editor.


This game will be released for free as most of our games , but at this moments only early access via PATREON until game development are complete, join our Patreon and get early access to Ninjferatu  demo here : https://www.patreon.com/AmitenTV 

Technical details

This game requirements are all Amigas with 1MB chip ram + 512KB.

Amiga 1200 is recomended but is not mandatory.

Developed using AmiGen Engine V1.0 Beta

Whats is AmiGen Engine?¿

it´s our custom Game Tool created in Amos Profesional that owns a TileMap Editor.

Custom Tile draw routines and other features as dual parallax scroll , AI enemies , Sound engine and many other features.

AmiGen Engine is the evolution and improved version of the Tools & routines that we use on our Game Coco Banana back in 2019 but now are polished and organizated to be one of our Game Tool creator for develop our games with the conford and automated tasks that make our life a little bit easy...

AmiGen Engine will continue growing and improved in future versions. 

Thank you all for support us and happy playing. 

Contact us: amitenlabs@gmail.com


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Awesome game!

Thank you Saberman!

This is brilliant! Well done :)

Thank you.